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"There is no greater lover than that of oneself"

My name is Edmund Sadler, born is the year 1508, in Colchester, England. I am a Physician, College Master and Alchemist. I am alive in the BRAIN, as a "TRANSIENT POSSESSOR", thought memory and thought for 501 years. I have experienced and lived in twelve different PHYSICAL UNITs.

Man is two distinct entities - PHYSICAL and BRAIN

PHYSICAL is the human body (UNIT) given direction via the  BRAIN.

BRAiN is a chemical apparatus directed via chemical coded information (we now call this a chemical computer)

I have done extensive chemical research (Medicine, Chemistry, Alchemy) and have completed many experiments, which has resulted in the successful transfer of brain chemical matter from one UNIT to another UNIT.

The BRAIN apparatus (computer) is supplied directives/information from the brain chemical matter which interact with the BRAIN electrons, relaying signals to the (UNIT) body for function.

As the BRAIN directs the (UNIT) body, there is no need to alter the (UNIT) body.